Music video: B2ST - Bad girl

Not much of a fan of B2ST. They wear way too much make up between for a start. The B2ST boys had more make up caked onto their faces than label mates 4 minute and SM's Girls' generation combined.

B2ST's style feels a little all over the place - as did 4 minutes when they debuted. They feel like a mish-mash of 2PM, Big bang, TVXQ and [insert Korean boy band here]. It's too much.

Korea has dropped so many 'shiny sets, fluorescent lights with a dance routine' videos over the past 6 months, that each new one that gets release looks the same as the last. It's an easy concept to do and make look good. Even on a low budget; a shiny set and some flashing lights with a bit of dancing can go a long way. But it's currently being milked into the ground at the expense of any real originality. And the main gripe I have with BEAST's video is that it didn't match the song. A song like "Bad girl" should have had a much more colourful and playful video. But the entire video and the outfits screamed "Dark edgy euro-pop track with R&B overtones". The whole video looked like it would've been more suited to the break that kicks in during the break segment before the middle-8.

The song itself is cool. I love the production. But the guys just shout and sing rubbish over the beat and ruin it. M-Flo, Chemistry, Perfume, Big Bang or even Girls' generation would've sounded much better on it. The sound, the video the style: Chemistry did it much better with "Life goes on".


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