Music video: Big Bang - Koe wo kikasete

I would not have expected Big Bang to drop a song like this. But it sho' is good! Really nice, sweeping and catchy. It's already got me singing along in my own made up Japanese that sounds a little like the real thing, but is way off. It's strange hearing the Big bang boys sing in Japanese. You can hear how much effort they're putting into ensuring every single syllable is pronounced super clearly. Fair enough really. Given Japanese is not their first language, so it won't roll of the tongue how their Korean does. And they won't want to take risks with not saying shit clearly, as not to piss of Japanese listeners and have netizens cursing the boys out for not speaking the language properly. That's the last thing they need!

The video was mad boring. But the boys looked good and it suited the song just fine. For a song like this, there are only so many types of video you can do. I'm glad they kept everything tame. If they'd dropped a shiny video with glossy floors, flashing lights and Taeyang gliding and dancing up about the place, I would've kissed my teeth and rolled my eyes.

"Let me hear your voice" will surely help the Big bang boys lock down a foothold in Japan - with it being the theme to the J-drama Ohitorisama. Never underestimate the power a J-drama can have on a featured song's success. I've latched onto many artists through hearing songs of theirs in J-drama's. I wouldn't have caught wind of Ayaka so early had I not heard her songs in Suppli.


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