Music video: Bom - You and I

I was NOT expecting shit to turn so serious and grim given how bright and colourful the video started out. Such vibrancy in colour when the couple are enjoying moments together, and then stripping it away towards the end in the moments when the couple are apart thinking about life without the other. A really simple, but beautifully done video. Bom looks gorgeous too. Especially at the end. It probably isn't the best idea to ride around on a mo-ped wearing a mini skirt and a thick grey cardigan. But, I guess a chick has gotta style and profile no matter what, right?

The song and video showcase Bom in a way that nothing she's done with 2NE1 has done. She's the most forgettable member of 2NE1 for me, because the other girls in the group often outshine her in stage performances. But "You and I" is a chance for Bom to shine on her own, and shine she does.

2NE1 are currently working on their full length album and it'd be great if each of the girls' had a solo song on it. With Dara and Bom having already dropped solo songs, is it safe to say we'll get one from Minzy and CL?


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