Music video: Girls' generation - Chocolate love (Retro pop version)

I prefer f(x)'s take on the song, but the SNSD-bots have got them beat with the video. The bots looked stunning. Sexy, slick and like women as opposed to little girls. Taeyeon was pretty much invisible in this video, and didn't have a great deal of the presence on the song neither. In fact - no one girls really stood out a great deal. Tiffany caught my eye. Purely because she's the member I wouldn't mind having a sleep over with. But those hair extensions need to go! They look like they were clipped into her head by a blind rice picker.

The girls' dancing leaves a heck of a lot to be desired. Their steps do not clean and unified, and it ruins so many of their routines and makes them look sloppy. At least there was no variation of the 'Genie leg'. I was SO expecting there to be.


  1. Is it bad that I can't tell them apart? XD

    I didn't really notice the dancing until the part where they're dancing with the fans towards the end. They were all out of time with each other!


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