Music video: Jo Kwon & Whale - Dunk shoot

I often forget that Jo Kwon is a singer. As he tends to spend more time on variety shows bringing out his inner diva than actually performing. It's cool to see him in such a cool video and hear him on this kind of song. The song and video matches what we see of his personality more than anything 2AM have released.

Whale's not been a chick in the K-Pop game who gets positive props for her looks. But her look in this video was pretty hot. She looked like Ga-in, Narsha, Miryo of Brown eyed girls and CL of 2NE1 all rolled into one. Not a bad thing. No bad thing at all!

"Dunk shot" gets a thumbs up from me. Jo Kwon and Whale's voices go really well together. (I took note of the auto-tune being used...again!) And the video was really well done. It makes a change from all of the flashing lights, shiny floors and choreographed driven videos that the K-Pop idol scene have been rolling out on the production line lately.


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