Music video: Katharine McPhee - Had it all

Katharine McPhee's career is dead with this shit. The video is boring and so is the song. Taylor Swift alone will swallow up anything Katharine has to put forth to the game right now. Katharine is as much out of her depth jumping on this light rock 'n pop country tinged bandwagon as she was when she was on the R&B one. I don't think we'll get a third album from Katharine. So she best drag this shit out with the second album as much as she can.

I would've liked her to have done another album with Danja on board. It would've flopped in spectacular fashion. But it would've been another decent bunch of tracks for me to listen to.

Album review: Katharine McPhee's debut


  1. Kind of funny . . her Had It All video is # 17 or so on iTunes. It also was added to the NOW 32 CD. So this is your opinion and mine is that she will do GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Katharine Mcphee is just another wannabee singer and actress that hangs on the corner of Sunset Blvd.Getting on american Idol gave her a chance, but America knows she is just another Hollywood wannabee

  3. Well if your taste runs to Danja, she's probably not for you, because that's really not her kind of music. This is. There are other songs on the album even better than this and she does them superbly. Unbroken is going to be a breakthrough for her because she's doing good material that's really suited to her. Don't kid yourself, this girl is going to be around a long time. Not competing with Rihanna, doing her own thing. And doing it well.

  4. She's going to "be around a long time"?


    There's nothing that sets her apart. It's not like she has an amazing voice (not saying it's bad). She's good looking, but there's so many other artists doing this kind of music that are already deep in the game, who are also good looking. J mentioned Taylor Swift, and that's a good example, because she's already got this type of music's demographic sewn up.

    People who don't know any better will hear this on the radio and not know who's singing it.

  5. hmm her album leaked? didn't know that.


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