Music video: OneRepublic - All the right moves

It's a shame these guys couldn't have pulled all the right moves to have gotten themselves a good music video. I guess it's only to be expected though. OneRepublic never do great videos any way. I can't recall any of the music videos they shot for singles off of Dreaming out loud really catching my attention and being memorable. It'd be nice if the fellas put more into them. "All the right moves" could have done with a really cool video that sticks in viewers minds. Because the song itself is so dry, by numbers and forgettable as it is - that a really hot video would have helped it go a long way.


  1. The song isn't that bad. I actually really like it. The chorus is very catchy. I just hope Ryan Tedder throws us some variety for the album. People have caught on to his style, and are starting to get sick of it. I'll be copping the album though.

    The video is completely forgettable and has no point whatsoever. Why are they performing for a masquerade ball?


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