Music video: Pushim - My endless love

It's like the director picked a bunch of girls who look like they can just about whine and said "When I roll the camera, just move and dance as black as you can. There's no music. Our budget was blown on just paying you girls, so just improvise". The whining around that car was excessive. And then when the girls took it to the park, I was dead. That big girl was gettin' it!! Home girl was dutty whinin' and everything! (It's always the big ones with the moves). She was certainly putting the other chicks to shame. And Pushim shouldn't have even bothered trying. She's supposed to be the Japanese reggae chick of Kansai. Surely after 10 years in the game she should know how to whine, and whine correctly! Or perhaps know some girls who can do so better than the ones that got picked for this video.

"My endless love" is a nice song. I wouldn't bump it hard non-stop at home or in the car. But it is a nice song. The music video is rubbish, but it's the kind of rubbish that's so cheesy, funny and bad that it's actually kinda wicked.


  1. thanks for introducing me to j-reggae and pushim! <3 it :P
    i downloded it already! :D

  2. LOL the video is sooo bad but awesome, im glad tho that they didnt try and make Pushim look like every other skank out there right now(tight choreography/tonnes of dancers/slick video), guess her handlers understood she has talent!


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