Music video: SHINee - Ring ding dong

I've not liked ANY of SHINee's songs. But I like this shit right here. It's pretty much the crazy frog with auto-tune. But the song is doing it for me. The beat is really hot.

Liking the video. Not sure what the deal was with the wings at the end. It looked really corny and the video could've done without it. But the dancing was cool and the boys oversold the sex looks into the camera, which I know the fan girls are probably loving.

SHINee's new image does 'em a whole lotta justice. They seem to have avoided that weird overly un-convincing image that Super Junior went through for "Don't don". And SM have done a better job of making the boys look suitably older than they have many of their other slaves. But something about Taemin makes me wince. Maybe it's the legs that are so skinny he could be a Girls' generation stand-in, the odd hair styles, the looks he gives, or that f(x)'s Amber looks like she has more testosterone than he does. But something about the boy irks me. And as for Key: Your new hair do looks lovely, but Tiffany called and she wants her eye liner pencil back.


  1. I like this song a lot too. I can't really comment on any of the boys specifically seeing as I don't really know any of their names, but the one with the mullet looks terrible. And those wings are just pointless.

  2. I have listened to this almost 100 times in 5 days, this style is SOOO much better than Juilette. Really.

    Taemin is getting hotter too!

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