Official Sugababes 'Sweet 7' album cover

The 4.0's 'Sweet 7' album cover
The girls look hot. Though Heidi looks odd in what she's wearing in comparison to Amelle and Jade. She looks like a receptionist who got her blouse caught in the photocopying machine and is waiting in the toilet cubicle for her friend to bring her a new one from Primark. I don't get why they put her in a knee length skirt instead of a pair of tight pants. I know Heidi don't do hot pants or mini skirts - but they could've styled her in something better, because she looks plain odd.

Plus, I wonder why from Change onwards the girls never look like they're shot together. Hmm...

The girls do look hot, but the positiong and compositing of everything just feels off. The 'Sugababes' and Sweet 7 font should've been ran through the middle and not the top. Plus, I notice how since Keisha left, the single covers and album art for Sweet 7 have the girls looking away from the camera. Probably in shame.

Looks like this album is still going ahead with its November 23 release. The 4.0's have reportedly been back in the studio recording new songs with Jade in tow with Scott Storch. I didn't know the guy was still producing, or even had money to still have a studio after his crack addiction and repossession of his shit. The last songs I heard from him were those he produced for Ms. Kelly.

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