Remix: Sugababes featuring MNEK - Run for Cover (MNEK Remix)

Remix: Sugababes featuring MNEK - Run for Cover (MNEK Remix) | Random J Pop

Fresh off the announcement that the Sugababes' will be releasing a 20th anniversary edition of their debut album One Touch, we got a new remix of the second One Touch classic "Run for Cover", which comes courtesy of UK pop singer, songwriter and producer MNEK.

MNEK is the go-to for many artists in the UK when it comes to remixes, but he has a history with the Suga"Boys"babes, having written and produced material for the now shelved (and since leaked) MKS album. "Boys", a song the girls had performed live on a couple of occasions, which was originally slated to be an MKS single, was co-written and produced by MNEK.

"Run for Cover" is such a beloved song in the Sugababes' discography, that remixing it is either something you'd jump at or avoid altogether. But MNEK dove right in it and did a good job with it, opting to completely shift the energy of the whole thing. A smart choice as opposed to trying to build on the original.

"Run for Cover" is such an ominous sounding song, which always reminded me of Massive Attack, which is probably due to one of the producer being Cameron McVey, who also co-produced songs for Massive Attack at one point in time. "Run for Cover"  was so dark for a girl group who were barely teenagers. MNEK's remix is far lighter and playful. It sounds like what you'd expect "Run for Cover" to sound like if a teenage pop group into garage and dance music had released it back in 2000, or if a group were to release it now. It's perfect for UK radio. You couldn't pop your pussy or sway to the original version of "Run For Cover", but you certainly can to the remix.

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