SBS's '09 Chuseok special: Idol Big show

SBS's '09 Chuseok special: Idol Big show
As part of Chuseok celebrations Chuseok in Korea, TV network SBS (amongst others) held a big ol' show full of Korea's currently mega popular idols. It was pretty much business as usual where performances were concerned.

2NE1 - Fire

I'll take a performance of "Fire" over "I don't care" any day! How am I still not sick of seeing the girls' perform this song!? I've recently started playing this song again. So I was glad to see the 2NE1 girls' perform it again. It was cool to see them working the street garb again. Their stylists are getting the hang of making them look hip and funky, yet with strong overtones femininity. Bom still looks odd though. She always gets styled the worst out of the girls. That odd length skirt with them hi-tops looked stupid and made her look like a 13 year old. They may as well have put her in LA gear with flashing lights and pink socks too. They need to stop with banning her from wearing actual trousers or pants unless they can hook her up in a skirt or mini ensemble that keeps her in line with the other girls and actually looks hot.

The music videos: 2NE1's "Fire"

Jo Kwon and Seulong - Abracadabra

Jo Kwon was actually tame in this performance. Only towards the end did Jo Kwoncé Fierce start to emerge. But on the whole, his inner diva was kept in check. This was a really good performance. The guys did a great job and it was cool that the remaining 2AM members came out to hip swing at the very end. It's a shame that the 2PM boys weren't on hand to perform it with them, but let's be honest: the spoof was all about Jo Kwon and Seulong anyway. They were the only 2 members who went into the whole thing wholeheartedly. I can't believe such fun hearted and extroverted guys got slung into some dreary ballad group.

The original: Brown eyed girls' "Abracadabra" music video
The parody: Dirty eyed girls' "Abracadabra" music video

G-Dragon - Breathe

I really like the song, but just find G-Dragon's performance of it lacking. G-Dragon being G-Dragon and his fashion sense is what gives him a presence on stage more than anything else. This performance wasn't crap or great. It was just okay. As soon as he's done telling the world he can breathe, he needs to go get his roots done.

The music video: G-Dragon's "Breathe"

G-Dragon featuring Dara - Hello

The YG entertainment stylist commits one of many crimes. Why does Dara look like a Chola? That bow bullshit should not have been placed within the vicinity of Dara. CL could have pulled it off in a cool way. But not Dara. She hasn't got enough swagger. I do like Dara. She's really grown on me. But I don't get that same sense of chemistry between her and G-Dragon that I get with him and CL. It wouldn't surprise me if the two of them were mackin' on the (not so) down low. T'was a hot performance though. Dara's vocals are getting stronger live, which is a good thing. It's always nice to see some positive changes in an artists' live game.

Hyeoyeon, Sooyoung & Yuri - Dance break

The SNSD-bots' best dancers, which isn't saying much. We've all seen how bad them other girls in the group move. It was cool to see these girls' do their thing and validate why they're in the group at all, because they barely ever sing. They really are just popular back-up dancers who get as much shine as the girls who actually sing. I would've liked to have seen them do a routine to a faster song and work choreography that was more than just flailing arms and turning around all the time. We've seen these girls do much better in the past.

2NE1 featuring G-Dragon - I don't care (Unplugged)

I love this remix of "I don't care". I now prefer it to the original, which whilst was hot at first, got old pretty quick. The girls all sounded great live and G-Dragon's rap was hot. It's a shame it didn't feature on the digital release. There's always a great sense of energy whenever the 2NE1 girls are around G-Dragon. Must be infectious.

Girls' generation - Gee

Them outfits were terrible. Whoever thought items from the lost and found drama class prop box was a good idea for styling needs to have the Genie leg done on their face. It should have been coloured skinny jeans, heels and fitted T-shirts all the way. I know Girls' generation appeal to the younger girls, but their management and stylists really do need to start trying to bridge that adolescent gap with how they dress the girls. The SNSD-bots look like they're 16 half the time, when they're all transitioning into women. Despite what many think, girls' can look sexy without looking too old and too ho'd out. SM entertainment need to think about that/ It seems whilst they seem to finally get it with the likes of TVXQ and Super Junior, they're still keeping their SNSD girls' stuck in the teeny bopper style phase.

The music video: Girls' generation's "Gee"

Big Bang - How Gee (featuring 2NE1)

It's no wonder YG entertainment always get done for plagiarism when their shit sounds like other shit other producers have done in the West. "How Gee" could easily pass for Jennifer Lopez's "Get right". But let's not open another can of plagiarism worms.

TOP owned this whole performance. His rapping voice is really cool. I'm surprised he could see anything with all that hair in his face. Seungri may as well have not been on the stage at all. I often forget he's even a part of Big Bang. Daesung was still absent due to recovering, which I know a lot of fans understand, but are still disappointed about. Especially as this was the groups' farewell stage. They should have just had him sat at the back of a stage in a wheelchair smiling. Just so he's there. The 2NE1 girls graced the stage with their presence, and as is always the case: CL and Minzy just shut everything down. I didn't even take note of Dara and Bom hitting the stage with them, because literally as soon as CL and Minzy came into sight them chicks got sidelined.

All of the performances were really cool and fun to watch. Although the styling was questionable across the board. My favourite performance had to be Jo Kwon and Seulong's. Hands down. It was so funny and also unexpected, because they really did do a great job and managed to tow the line between looking stupid and looking hot really well. That's a talent in itself.

I've only posted the performances here. But there were lots of interviews, segments, skits and dance battles aside. YouTube and you'll find 'em all. The interviews in particular are pretty funny, because the idols are all interviewing one another. This is one of the things I love about the K-Pop game: that the artists all socialize, mix with one another and cover one another's songs with regularity on TV shows and at events. It's just a normal thing in Korea. To kick it with another idol and cover their shit. Where-as in the States and the UK: not so much. If one artist appears on a show, then it's all about them and nobody else.


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