A sneak peek of Michael's 'This is it'

Michael's voice wasn't able to hit as high as it could back in the day. But d'ya know what? I actually love how deep his voice sounded. It has so much more texture, soul and grit to it in the lower registers. It's this that made me love a good share of Invincible. Because from that album he started to take his shit down a key or two and sounded pretty amazing for it.

The ex-n***a looked like he was having fun on the stage. Clowning and playing around with the choreography. It was looking like them old legs were starting to give out towards the end though with all that shaking.

It's been said enough times, but it really is a shame that he passed away - and that fans will now have to see what the hell they were missing out on as a result of his passing. He blatantly would've mimed the hell out of near enough every song. But it's Michael Jackson bitch! Who the frick cares!?


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