Steph Jones catches Brandy in the studio

Singer, song writer, model, Jordin Sparks' new piece (whatever the n***a is this week) Steph Jones was kickin' it in the studio and clowning around with his video camera. And it just so happened that Brandy was around working on a new song: of which you can hear a little of in the background...

That Brandy joint needs to leak, and leak NOW!

Brandy's rapping skills got a mention an for good reason too. We heard Brandy's flow on the Human bonus track "Gotta find my love". But she also appears on Timbaland's Shock value II album and raps on the song. (Google and you'll find a low as ass quality snippet of it) Her flow is hot and better than Timbaland's. Not that it takes much to rap better than Timbaland, because that n***a can't rap to save a career.


  1. "We need that tone"

    "What tone?! Y'all want me to sing FOR REAL?!"

    LOL! Damn I love Brandy. That song sounds hot!


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