Sunny handles her sumo business

SNSD's Sunny wrestles bitches DOWN on national TV | Star dance battle
SNSD-bot Sunny jumped into the ring on MBC's Star dance battle to get her Sumo wrestle on. And let's just say that her talents are being wasted in Girls' generation.

And to the fellas: even if you don't know who the hell Sunny is or know a lick of Korean. I'm sure you'll appreciate Korea girls grabbing at one another and throwing each other down into the sand. I know I did. All we were missing was some water, some jello and a wind machine.

Sunny was taking bitches OUT. Home girl can barely sing or dance - but she owns at sumo. Sunny just levelled up on my SNSD-bot likeability chart. I'm gonna fight in her corner on this occasion, and say she only lost because she was tired after beating the other 2 bitches down.


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