Super Junior M's "Super girl" at Dream concert

Super Junior M's 'Super girl' @ Dream concert
Super Junior M boys are looking for a "Schhhooopah gul". It shouldn't be hard. As one of Korea's biggest boy bands, Korea is certainly their oyster. But they put in the work at the Dream concert event - just to let girls know: they be looking.

The boys smarted up (except for Henry) and proceeded to sweat out their groomed hair styles and suits to a Korean version of "Super girl".

Them Super Junior M boys were looking TIRED! Slave Master entertainment must be working them boys into the ground. I'm not surprised. They're being pimped in Korea and China at the same time. I thought Kyuhyun was gonna collapse. Then again, he always looks tired and like he's going to keel over at any given minute.

I dunno what was up with Zhou Mi's clothes. He looked like he was about to go wait a table and then go kick it at a stable to ride a horse. And then you got Henry. Who looked really cool, but out of place. Those jeans looked like they'd be lawn mowered over. Korea seems to be having a chronically slashed jean craze at the moment.

Henry so should have thrown them sunglasses into the crowd. Just to show the power, and make them SuJu stan girls fight, squabble and tear a bitches hair out over them.


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