Utada to hit the road in 2010

Hikaru Utada makes tour stops in the US and the UK!
Hikaru Utada will be touring the US. She will be playing 10 US dates and (wait for it...) 1 date in the UK: at the o2 academy in Islington!! I feel so warm and happy inside. I damn near cried when I heard she was going to be playing a gig in the UK, and that it'd be in London! Holy smokes; I actually have a chance to make Hikaru Utada my future wife! I may have to breach some laws and shit to make it happen. But that's the length I'm willing to go for a one-sided love.

Given the tour will be a 'Utada' tour, the focus will most definitely be on the Def Jam releases. But I hope she performs some Japanese material too. She has to, surely? Everybody in attendance of her gigs will be hardcore fans. So they would have heard her Japanese material and be familiar with it. I'd take a good hour of her Japanese material over an hour of Exodus and This is the one material any day. "Flavour of life", "Travelling" and "This is love" are 3 songs that'd make me die happy knowing I'd witnessed live.

Tickets go on sale from November 13 at 9 'o clock in the morning. I'll be copping my ticket with the QUICKNESS! Hopefully this will really help push her US album sales. And I also hope her visit to London will be the first of many. I've always thought Hikaru should have given the UK market a chance. I honestly think the European market would be much more receptive to her than the US. I've already gotten friends and a couple of people at work hooked on "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI" and "Apple and cinnamon".

A massive thank you to the web master of U.blog for e-mailing me the good news. This made my f**king day! (Excuse my language). I just hope when I go to the gig that Hikaru pulls the same look at me as she's pulling in the picture above. I think I'd die. Not before putting the game on her though.

UK gig and ticket info @ Live nation & o2 academy

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  1. I'll be seeing you at the gig! ;-)
    I'm so excited too! I did fear for a minute that the 1 UK gig would be somewhere remote like Birmingham, but I'm so glad that the venue is just a quick tube from London Bridge! But I thought the tickets went on sale on 13th?

    I also hope she performs a song or two of Japanese music! Even if it's just the Japanese versions of the Kingdom Hearts songs! I'm also hoping that the UK release of her 2nd English album would be close to the time of the gig, for promotional purposes of course.

  2. The dates aren't up any more...

  3. Yeah I saw...the guy who runs UBlog says that maybe they removed them because the tour hasn't been officially announced yet.
    ...I'm hoping that's it...it's not fair to get THIS excited to be a complete hoax!

  4. I wish I was rich (or not so broke!!) so I could go see her! Wonder if there's a NYC/NJ leg of the tour.

  5. I'm now wondering if they'll be a leg at all...

  6. Another site supporting the UK tour date

    Here's hoping it's still going ahead!

  7. Guess what I saw in the Evening Standard today!


    I got my ticket this morning, got yours?


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