Whitney's performance on X-Factor

Whitney's performance on X-Factor
Whitney did a stint on X-Factor, where she mentored potential hopefuls and then belted (more like croaked) a performance of her single "Million dollar bill". Highlights of the performance include Whitney making it rain on some British hoes and a wardrobe malfunction (no titties please!)

Whitney may feel like a million dollar bill, but her performance was piss po'.

Well that was a sizzled out mess. The parts of the song that Whitney should have been singing, her backing singers sung. Way to show you've still got 'it' Whitney. It's sad tot hink how first Mariah and now Whitney have both appeared on X-Factor and that half the contestants sound better than they do live. Whitney sounded like a toad in that performance. But she still sounded better than Cheryl Cole will when she performs "Fight for this love".

I don't know wow the hell Whitney still proceeded to be telling people about a UK tour after she sucked so bad up on the stage. And I know Whitney's drug free, but she looked GONE in that short interview. I kept expecting her to start neck snappin' and say "I knows you nots be's taking my money!"
and screaming "Bobbaaaaaay!"

I love Whitney. But she really does need to fix up her shit if she plans on touring. I can't be dealing with reading in the papers two days before her tour starts that she overdosed on crack, weed and Toilet duck - all because of the pressure of putting on a good show.

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