2PM's Music bank comeback stage for "Heartbeat"

2PM's Music bank comeback stage for 'Heartbeat'
New single, new album, new look, and still a member down: the 2PM guys made their stage performance debut as a 6 piece group. Whilst many are still on that "This all feels hollow without Jay" bullshit. Ain't a damn thing wrong with the remaining line-up. Give the guys some credit. But having said that, their "Heartbeat" performance was a little lacking...

The comeback intro was better than the main performance. It showed off the boys individually. Gave a preview of songs of their debut album ("Tired of waiting", "I was crazy about you", "Gimme the light", "Back 2U", "All night long" and "My heart" - in that order for those who may have wondered). And fan girls got to hear their Oppa's Taecyeon's sexy English.

The "Heartbeat" performance wasn't all that great. The energy just wasn't there and it seemed as though the guys' hearts weren't in it (pun not intended). I thought the choreography was a little iffy when I saw it in the music video, but the live performance highlights just how iffy it is. There were sections where the boys were scrambling about the place. And during the first run of the chorus Junho and Junsu just walked around the group (with no swagger or 2-step) and then start dancing in the back! Could the other members have no shifted positions instead? It looked odd. Although they did pick up the slack big time at the end. It was certainly a far cry from their "10 points out of 10" performances which were near perfect on every occasion. It's easy to blame it all on Jay's departure and say if he was still with the group this shit would have been better. But let's be real here. Jay was no God (although 'Hottests' may disagree). And him being in the group wouldn't have magically made this performance awesome. It just would've given everybody another chance to see the 6 pack, because you know damn well he would've torn up the front of his tailored suit just to show it.

"Heartbeat" is my jam at the moment (God, I love the bass of those 808's on the chorus...) and I like 2PM. So I won't write them and their comeback performance off completely. Despite my feelings towards it, it was good. Just not as good as it potentially could have been. Even 2PM fans need to admit: they've done better than this. It was cool seeing Wooyoung and Junho get some increased air time though. Despite Taecyeon dominating the intro, they really stood out in this performance. And the new dark image looks great on 'em. The image shots in the intro should have been used for the album cover.


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