Adam Lambert and p****y

Adam Lambert don't do p***y
Adam Lambert sat down with Out magazine to discuss some stuff about his gayness, his music, his time on American idol, and cunnilingus.
Have you ever had any sex with a girl?

You went down on her?

Was it gross, or it was just not what you wanted?
It was a little gross because I don’t think she was as clean as she could’ve been. It wasn’t the act of it that really turned me off. I don’t really remember. I was 18 and I was drunk. Or maybe I was 17... The point of the matter is that I would not rule it out. The idea is intriguing.
D'ya know what's intriguing? Adam acting like he would actually consider eating p***y again. You and I know Adam wouldn't touch another p***y with his own barge pole.

I'm not a huge fan of eating out myself. I've never eaten down town and don't have much of an urge to. Even if a girl was to let me wash her vagina out with a loofah sponge, a brillo pad and some Body shop mango soap - I'd be hesitant. I'm a fussy eater. I'll poke, but won't lick the plate.


  1. LOL @ that pic! Yeah, I read this and literally laughed out loud, I was like "Daaaaaamn! Wonder if that dirty, unclean chick he ate out is reading this?!"


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