Alicia's 'The element of freedom' album cover

Alicia Keys' 'The element of freedom' album cover
What in the 1970's Rose Royce rockin', Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra'ing, Madame Tussauds wax faced world is this shit!? The cover is cheesy. Alicia's pose, the font for the album title, the doves. It's too much. All it's missing is broken chains and Kunta-Kinte's ghost in the top right corner.

Alicia shot some great promo's for this album and also did a couple of really hot magazine shoots - all of which were stunners and album cover material. Yet she shoots this crap. I hate it. The music best be good. I'm hotly anticipating hearing it after copping the crack that is "Try sleeping with a broken heart".


  1. This isn't the official cover. She said so herself on her twitter!


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