ANOTHER Tully's coffee commercial featuring Crystal and Kaname

As with all the other Tully's coffee ad's, this shit was better than the "After love ~First boyfriend~" music video. It's a shame the same feeling of togetherness portrayed in this TV commercial was not conveyed in the music video. Because Kaname and Crystal look pretty damn good together. Crystal would look better with me. But Kaname will do until I arrive.

I love Crystal Kay like a bowl of cornmeal porridge. But she needs to be getting better endorsement gigs that cups and bottles of coffee. She needs to be hustling to get some gigs from Honda and Shiseido. Other chicks in Japan seem to be getting the deals that she ain't getting. Crystal's team need to start fixing up.

Thanks to Platinum Jay for pointing me to this!


  1. Kuri needs to tour in the US. I need to see her. Badly. And, those duets need to drop in HQ. I can't stand listening to your LQ teaser of her song with BoA!

    I hope she's into polygamy, though, because you're going to have to share her with me. No hard feelings, J!

  2. Aw, I love the After Love music video. The whole point is they're not together anymore, haha. This remix is great though. I love the added strings, and the arrangement is better than the original. I feel bad that her albums keep leaking so stupid early, but I've already listened to this remix 60 times so... yeah, haha.

    And Frederick, what you mean?! Her duet with BoA dropped in HQ a LONG time ago. J, you didn't hook him up?

  3. Brandon, c'mon now... Of course I hooked a CK fan up! I did a big ol' post on CK's material from her 3rd disc of 'Best of Crystal Kay' set, and updated all my old posts with HQ versions of the songs. "Girlfriend", "After love ~First boyfriend~", "Deaeta kiseki", - the lot!

    Frederick. Click on the 'Crystal Kay' label and scroll n***a ;P


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