B and G keeps them hustla's tolkin'

Beyoncé in her 'Video phone' music videoBeyoncé and Lady Gaga in the 'Video phone' music video
The ladies are looking super sexy. I cannot wait to see this video. We all know Beyonce can shake her jelly and p***y pop with the best of 'em. But in terms of visionary swagger, can't nobody touch Gaga. So here's to hoping Beyoncé has stepped up her game as a result of working on a video with her.

I'm not expecting this video to be on any level with the stuff Gaga has done because this is a Beyoncé video. And Lady Gaga has mentioned in interviews that her aim was to do something that Beyoncé would do and not overbear with the full on Gaga zaniness. The video should be hot all the same though. We'll finally get to see it today at 12:01pm Eastern standard time.


  1. beyonce needs to get swagga like gaga? WTF?!? :P

  2. Gaga's visionary swagger: in terms of her style and the way she projects herself in her music videos. It is much more striking and interesting than Beyoncé. Beyoncé nailed it with "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)". But everything she's done in most of her videos has been nothing that other chicks haven't done. Save for 1 or 2, her music videos aren't that memorable because for the most part - they're all the damn same.

    Ain't nobody rolled out with music videos how Lady Gaga has, and for a debut album as well.

  3. true but how long can she keep puting them out like that before it becomes the norm?
    maybe if she stopped wearing the couture around in real life it would stay fresh but a lot of people are already getting bored of her trying so hard to "shock" off stage :P


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