Beyoncé thanks Jay-Z for putting a ring on it

We know the Beyondroid isn't the most articulate chick in the world. And weren't nobody wanting to hear her run off a list and fry her weave out trying to remember names other than 'God'. The acceptance speech was short, cute, and a rare occassion where the B'droid openly says something non alluding to her relationship with Jay-Z. The way she spun, giggled and quickly exited the stage like she'd said something playful and naughty was cute.

And before the haters start wondering why Beyoncé didn't thank the fans: she'd won two awards earlier in the night and thanked the fans then. Plus, she's on a world tour, released an album with two discs, is re-releasing the same album this month, has shot a video with Lady Gaga and cut a song with her, danced her damn arse off in the "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" video and cemented herself as an icon in the process. As a fan, I wouldn't be mad if she 'forgot' to thank us. Bitch has given us everything but the weave off her head and a free Samantha Thavasa hand bag.

The "Video phone" music video needs to drop soon. I'm feenin' to see B and Gaga work it out in a music video so badly now that I know it's due to drop any day now.


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