Big Bang's "Koe wo kikasete" performance on CDTV

Big Bang's 'Koe wo kikasete' performance on CDTV
I fall for "Koe wo kikasete" more and more each time that I hear it. It's such a nice song and a complete change of pace for Big Bang: both as a group and individually. Japan is pretty void of a hot boy bands. Sure, there's TVXQ, but their days as a group are numbered. Plus, I never really liked their music. So the door is wide open for Big Bang, who hit up CDTV to show Japan how they handle their business.

This is what I love about Korean and Japanese artists and performances. Even if a single gets a music video and it doesn't have a dance routine - one will get choreographed for live performances. The whole dancing dealio wouldn't have really worked in the music video, but it did for the live performance. I always find it wierd when I see T.O.P dance. I forget that he actually does. He broods and styles in such a way that you'd think he would object to any kind of cheesy boy band steps. But there he was! Flailing them skinny legs about and keeping the head movements to an absolute miminimum so his hat didn't fall off.


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