BoA to produce her next album

BoA: The producer
Word on the web is that BoA will be producing her next Japanese studio album. Now...I never though I'd say this, but I'm proud of BoA! It's about time she took stronger reign over her music. It certainly can't hurt. It's not like any of her Japanese releases have been solid masterpieces. The only album of hers I liked was Outgrow. If she tries her hand at producing and fails, then at least she can say she's been there and done that. It'd certainly make her a more powerful female figure in the Japanese music scene if she can do it successfully. Three of Japan's biggest female artists Ayumi Hamasaki, Hikaru Utada and Kumi Koda are well known for writing and composing their own material - which has garnered them major credibility and made them forces to be reckoned with (as well as chicks that get PAID!)

It's not known in what capacity BoA will be producing. Whether it will be executive producing the album, having a hand in arranging the songs, or getting hands on with writing. But BoA will be going that extra mile with this album and giving it her personal touches. I really do hope she works with Bloodshy & Avant and Brian Kennedy again for this new Japanese album. "Did ya", and "Control" were great songs that pretty much went to waste on her English language debut. So it'd be great to hear them cook songs up for BoA that would reach a larger target audience, and enable her to make it through a song void of iffy pronunciation and zero auto-tune.

It'll be interesting to see of BoA can pull this off and if she does a good job of what ever it is she does. Some artists aren't supposed to write and produce for themselves (i.e Britney Spears), where-as with others it could't work any other way (i.e Hikaru Utada).

"Bump Bump!" and "Mamoritai ~White wishes~" are good songs. So she best keep some consistency and not f**k this album up.

BoA's seventh Japanese studio album is released on January 13, and as usual will release in a CD and CD + DVD format.


  1. ...Yeah, maybe not so much. I just received an email from stating that Avex has canceled it >.> We'll have to see how this goes.

  2. Good for her! Maybe she'll start having more fun with it if she has more control.
    I do love the Graphics btw, 'US Flopstar' made me smurk.

    Apparently the Mamoritai~White Wishes~ limited edition release will contain an English version, wonder if it'll be any better than her English releases.


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