Bonus material: Brandy - Take me back

Brandy - Take me back
I never know whether to file Brandy's shit as New music or Bonus material, because it's not always easy to tell whether she recorded it yonks ago, or if it's a recent studio recording. I'm uncertain with this one, so I'll just say it's Unreleased. Most of Brandy's leaked shit tends to be anyway.

I stay believing that Brandy recorded a straight R&B record and then went with a more alternative laid back album that soon became Human. This sounds like something from the R&B sessions...

Listen: Take me back

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I can't say I'm a big fan of this song. It just feels too boring. The whole time I'm listening to the song I feel like I'm waiting for something to hit me and have me fall in love with it, but it never comes. When Brandy drops a joint and it's hot, it's usually hot from the word go. There's no if's, but's or growing to like. You know it's hot before the song is even 30 seconds in. And "Take me back" did nothing for me really. It's nice, but that's all I can say about it. It doesn't have shit on "Causalties".


  1. It's a nice song. It didn't blow me away though. Hot pic!


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