Bonus material: Lady Gaga - Fashion

Lady Gaga - Fashion
I was at my PC whilst Gok's fashion fix was showing on the telly; and I heard this beat drop. Instantly, I was like "Damn! What track is that!?" I Googled the hook and BAM. Lady Gaga. "Fashion".

Listen: Fashion

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The song was recorded for inclusion on Gaga's debut The fame. But it was left off. The song was then re-recorded by The hills star Heidi Montag. I've not heard Heidi's version. But I think it goes without saying (or listening) that Heidi's version won't have shit on Lady Gaga's.

I would say it's a shame this song wasn't featured on Lady Gaga's debut, but she's managed to do just fine without it on there. And as hot as "Fashion" is, it wouldn't have made Lady Gaga any bigger a star as a result of the song being a single. I do prefer "Fashion" to all everything RedOne has done for Gaga so far though. The beat is just too hot. The 80's club vibe is fly. It's a shame she didn't shove it on The fame monster.

The lyrics of this song are rubbish. But the beat is hot, the chorus is catchy and Gaga's French swag 'n flow on the hooks is hot. It's hard to hate this bitch when she's so on point. She does need to take a break though. She's been looking more haggered than usual as of late.


  1. Didn't you know? This song was part of the "Confessions of a Shopaholic" movie soundtrack!


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