Ciara wurrrks for LG's chocloate

D'ya know for a hot minute I thought Ciara was dead. I forgot all about this chick. How she managed to get this Verizon gig when her Fantasy ride album sales were whack and she's been making no waves in the music game as of late is anybodies guess. It's good for her though. She could've done with this commercial gig about 6 months ago. And as is often the case: she looks hot to death doin' her thing.

"Work" was a flop (for those who didn't already clock). Clubs play it occasionally over here in the UK, but it's not a song you're guaranteed to hear in a club right now: like say Jay-Z's "Run this town" or Lil' Wayne's "A Milli" or Beyoncé's "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)". When "Work" drops in a club it's as though nobody has ever heard of the song before and refuses to dance. It may as well have not been a single or had a video. The worst thing Jive did was to not make it a worldwide single, and have the video premiere on a digital TV channel after an episode of Hollyoaks.

Ciara's already hard at work on her fourth studio album with the hotly in demand partners in crime: Tricky Stewart and The Dream. She needs to clock in some time with Danja too. Because he did not trip up with the shit he gave her. "Echo" still gets mad spins outta me.

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