The Forehead's 'Rated R' album cover and track list

Rihanna's 'Rated R' album cover
I present to you: The Forehead's fourth studio album cover! Grace Jones called. She just slapped a n***a in the face, had a tantrum and said she wants her look back. I kinda like it, and kinda don't. The saturation is murky and kills the striking factor for me. It will look cool as it is if the album cover is printed onto silver paper though. Now that would indeed look hot.

The official track listing for the album has been released, which you can peep after the jump.

01. Mad house
02. Wait your turn
03. Hard (featuring Young Jeezy)
04. Stupid in love
05. Rockstar 101 (featuring Slash)
06. Russian roulette
07. Fire bomb
08. Rude boy
09. Photographs (featuring
10. G4L
11. Te amo
12. Cold case love
13. The last song

I'm glad "Te amo" made the cut, because I really liked the song when it leaked earlier in the year. Hopefully the album version will feature some re-worked production - just so we don't have the same ol', same ol' leaked version.

Producers for for Rated R include Tricky Stewart, Chuck Harmony, Stargate, The Y's and Chase and Status. There may well be a few other names, but they've yet to be disclosed. Not that she'd need any more producers in the mix. I'd be pretty concerned for The Forehead if between the confirmed names she wasn't able to get a good album out of them.

I'm not hotly anticpating The Forehead's album. But I will definitely check it out when it releases. Her album's always have a couple of ridiculously hot songs on them. Music of the sun had "Let me" (a song that I can't believe wasn't made a single) and "If it's lovin' that you want". A girl like me had "We ride" and "P.S (I'm still not over you)". And I needn't mention the hits on Good girl gone bad. "Don't stop the music" is still a jam and "Sell me candy" will forever be hot to me.

The Forehead is my guilty pleasure. I bought Good girl gone bad. So if Rated R brings some hotness to the table, then I won't think twice about picking it up when it drops.


  1. Thank God that Gucci Mane didn't sneak his way onto this album. That ni**a's ubiquitous.

    I can't wait... this will be the first Rihanna (oops, I almost said Beyoncé) album that I won't sleep on. Took me damn near two years to discover "Breakin' Dishes", which is a shame.

  2. ... This kind of looks like Adam Lambert's single cover :O


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