f(x) hit Music core's performance stage with "Chu~♥"

f(x) hit Music core's performance stage with 'Chu~♥'
The f(x) girls hit up Music core to perform their new single "Chu~♥". The only reason I'm not completely whaling on this song right now, is because both the song and video have Amber coming out of her shell. She still refuses to put on some damn make-up. But she's smiling a heck of a lot more now! And if a shitty song is what's helped lil' Amber, then shucks! I can't hate.

The f(x) girls have a really cool energy about them on stage. It shows more with this song more than "La cha ta" a d"Chocolate love" because of the kind of song "Chu~♥" is in comparison.

I still think the song is absolute bullshit. But their performance of it was pretty good. It wasn't mind blowing, and the only thrill was Victoria's front flip. But it was a good performance. The girls manage to keep in time with one another much better then their SNSD-noona's. Them girls can't dance in time to save their lives.


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