Janet behind the scenes of "Make me"

Janet Jackson will be releasing a video for her new single "Make me", which features as a track on her Number ones album. And ABC went behind the scenes of it to show what fans can expect not long from now. It sure is good to see Janet in action again...

This looks like it's going to be a straight up dance video. I damn well hope so, because I love watching Janet dance. Can't nobody lock steps down like Janet.

What is it with this woman and her youthfulness!? She barely look a day older than she did during her Rhythm nation 1814 era. This bitch does not age how regular people age. It's insane. Janet hitting up plastic surgeons for her mug has been an on and off topic for years now. If she has been making trips to get the hook up's for the face, then it's done her good - and she knew where to draw the like unlike that n***a Michael. If she hasn't, then DAMN! I wouldn't blame her if she had gotten work done on her face. Them Jackson gene's were gracious with the talent, but got suckered with tag team beatings from both Daddy and Father time. Most members of the Jackson family have their faces look like a cross between a melted Action man and a pancake on a washing line once they hit 50. Joe Jackson's face looks like it be melting so hard and so fast that I keep expecting him to collapse into a puddle like Alex Mack.