Lady Gaga performs "Bad romance" on Jay Leno

Lady Gaga performs 'Bad romance' on Jay Leno
Lady Gaga took her crazy, high fashion, peroxide blonde booty to Jay Leno where she rocked out on hot performance of "Bad romance". It's almost annoying how despite me not liking the song I get caught up in the music video and every performance Lady Gaga does of it.

Say what you will about Lady Gaga. But the bitch knows how to engage, and puts many a seasoned and veteran chick in the game right now to absolute shame. I'm still not keen on "Bad romance". But I can tolerate the song more now than I could before, which is largely in part to how awesome the video was and how good this performance on Jay Leno was. I think I just might be turning into a Lady Gaga fan. She'll be taking The monster ball tour to the London o2 arena next year, and I'm strongly considering getting tickets to see her. There's no doubt in my mind that she'd put on one hell of a show.


  1. She looked ridiculous with them shoulder pads, lol! But at least she looked better than she did at the AMAs. I can't even describe what she was wearing then. The performance was off the chain though!

    This one was cool as well.

  2. Her AMA get-up looked like a variation of the red straps 'n bandage looking shit she wore in the "Bad romance" video, only more ragged. I thought pieces of it were going to fall off when she took it to the floor.


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