Leona Lewis performs "Happy" and "Outta my head" at Jimmy Kimmel live

Leona Lewis performs 'Happy' and 'Outta my head' @ Jimmy Kimmel live
Leona Lewis must be feeling the recession something chronic; seeing as she walked on stage to perform some songs wearing a bin liner. Fortunately for her, her performances weren't rubbish. Of course she went and performed that overplayed shit "Happy". But she also switched gears for a performance of Leona's most up-tempo song to date: "Outta my head".

"Happy" makes me feel un-happy because the song is so boring and depressing (Oh, the irony!) But this performance of it was really nice. Her vocals weren't as yodel like as they sound on the CD, and have sounded on the many occasions she's performed the song. "Outta my head" was pretty whack though. I love the song, and think it's one of Leona's best. But she lacked the energy and the moves that she had when she dropped this song at her gig at the Hackney empire. "Outta my head" is rumoured to be Leona's follow up single to "Happy". If this turns out to be the case, then she needs to work some choreography into more of her performances of the song, and the videos had damn well better have some.


  1. They kept cutting away to that dude cheesin' on the keyboard, lol.

    My guess is Leona is one of those singers that don't sound good when moving too much on stage? I want her to prove me wrong, cuz she looked damn near sleepy performing such a hot song like "Outta My Head". I know she at least moved somewhat in that link you posted, but she needs some Red Bull or something.


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