Leona performs "Outta my head" @ Hackney empire

Leona took the stage in her home town of Hackney to give fans a taste of some new material. And home girl even busted out some steps! It's good to see she's not let a punch in the face deter her from promoting her album. Check out Leona performing the hotness that is "Outta my mind".

Damn! Did Leona actually move on that stage!? I think she did! So the swagger could have done with a bit more work. But at least she's trying. And she did look really hot.

"Outta my head" was the one song that stood out for me when I first heard her album preview. And having heard it in full with this performance, I love it. It should definitely release as Leona's next single. THIS is the song that the Sugababes should have been rolling with. I love "About a girl", but "Outta my head" won't get outta mine and just hits harder.

The song is produced by Max Martin, who after a long absence from success in the mainstream music game is everywhere right now, and dropping hotness in his wake. His #1 hit song "3" gets serious plays outta me and as soon as Echo drops, I know "Outta my head" is going to get rinsed like mouth wash. The song sounds hot, and so does Leona.


  1. Damn, HOT song! The song goes to another level from around the 2:40 mark onward. I need the studio version NAO!

    I aint never seen her move like that. Maybe somebody close to her professionally made the suggestion that she might want to put a little swagger into her act.

  2. The song needs to be a single. It's damn near amazing. The production is crazy. I love it. I'm buying Echo for this song alone!

    D'ya know who else would've sounded uh-MAZING on this track? Crystal Kay.

  3. Crystal aint got it vocally like Leona, but I agree, I could see her killin' it on this beat. And looking damn good while doing it!


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