Leona's second single from Echo might be...

Leona's second single off of 'Echo' set to be 'Outta my head'
Outta my head! Outta my head, say goodbye! (Wowww!) Somebody's gonna get'choooo!

Word is abound that Leona's second single off of her album Echo will be the Max Martin and Shellback produced "Outta my head". Many have suspected the song would be the second single from Leona's second album after seeing her performance of it at the Hackney empire. It's fast becoming a surprise favourite amongst fans and non-fans alike, so this would certainly be a great choice for a second single. I love the song to pieces. The only fault I have with it is that it isn't longer.

"Outta my head" is bound to further Leona's fan base. It will certainly gets played on dance floors (probably the only un-remixed song of hers to get club plays since "Forgive me)". The song is sure to draw comparisons to UK pop hoes Girls aloud, which is understandable. It does have that vibe. Though the song shits on near enough everything Girls aloud have done save for a couple of their singles. And none of them could go like Leona with the vocals. Even Nadine would have to fall back.


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