Mariah does it big on the set of "H.A.T.E.U"

Miming Mimi on the set of her 'H.A.T.E.U' music video [Photo taken by Clint Brewer for] Miming Mimi on the set of her 'H.A.T.E.U' music video [Photo taken by Clint Brewer for]

I'm gonna just go ahead and say it. Mariah looks like Bowser from Super Mario in a bikini in that picture on the right. Mariah has really been piling on the pounds since she married Nick - which is fine! Why should a woman pushing 40 have to focus so much on being skinny? It's not like Mariah is looking obese. But the issue with how she looks in these pictures isn't her weight: but the fact she's wearing stuff that not only highlights her weight, but looks wrong on her. Mariah continues to delude herself into thinking that if she dresses in outfits as tight and as skimpy as possible, that it will make her look younger than she is and super sexy. Home girl needs to wake up.

These shots are taken from the set of Mariah's music video for "H.A.T.E.U", which I'm inclined to believe stands for "Having A Take-out and Eating it Uncontrollably". The video will be directed by long term Mariah collaborator Brett Ratner. We all know what this video is gonna play out like. Three minutes of Mariah 'acting' with a wind machine and running her fingers down her super plunged to hell neck lines. You can bet her big arse that she won't be looking at all thick in the final music video. Mimi has the Wachowski brothers and Joel Silver on speed dial to hook her up with the CGI team who did The Matrix so she can look as skinny as possible.

It's looking like Memoirs of an imperfect angel is going to suffer the same way E=MC² did. Wrong singles choices and a case of the right single picked way too late. "I want to know what love is" should not have been made a second single, and "H.A.T.E.U" should have been released already.

Album review: Mariah's 12th studio album Memoirs of an imperfect angel


  1. *eek* That pic on the left is one of the most unflattering pics of Mariah I've ever seen! The bowser comment is so full of wrong and LOL!

  2. i tptally agree about the single choices, it really annoys me when the wrong singles are chosen from an album like when the sugababes released catfights the singles were all wrong!
    i totally think mariah needs to get a new stylist because im sick of her lookin like some wannabe hoe in her to small clothes :P
    i dont think shes fat though, i have a suspician she may be pregnant because every other time she releases an album she always gets her weight down . . . hope the vid is good though coz i love H.A.T.E.U amd i havnt even seen the vid for i wanna know what love is so im not even sure anybody knows its the second single :p lol

  3. Didn't I see her on the cover of something saying she was pregnant?

  4. I can completely picture Beyonce stepping in and saying "BOY, WHO drag DAT WALRUS onto MY private beach!?"


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