Music video: 4 minute - What a girl wants

The girls looked cute in the video. I see cube entertainment is still playing with styles with these girls. Every video has had the girls in a completely different get-up, with no correlation between them.

As cute as the video was, it was boring to watch, and the kind of video you'd only watch once. The girls honestly didn't do much except shake a leg and pull faces. The whole thing was like The Pussycat dolls "Buttons" video, only without the energy, the smut, the p***y poppin' and the arching of backs, poking out of a booty and grinding up on a speaker. I couldn't help but think of the SNSD'bots when they dropped the ol' Molla molla molla molla. I expected the SNSD-bots to pop out of the floor in coloured skinny skins and dance bow legged across the screen!

Mini album review: 4 minute's 4 muzik


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