Music video: Alicia Keys - Try sleeping with a broken heart

What the hell is this shit!? I see what the home wrecker was try'na do, but the execution was piss po'. I liked the concept. I liked it a lot! The whole super hero, X-Men, Rogue shit was a cool way to portray the song. But it just didn't work. The narrative was paced way too slow, the special effects looked cheesy, them super power tattoos on Alicia's back looked like they were drawn by a monkey with a pack of Crayola's, and the whole video was a snoozefest. She should have just hit us with a video where she's all up in her bedroom crying in a corner and spread out all over her piano looking distraught and shit.

Alicia looked drop dead sexy in this video. That's the only and no if's and but's compliment I can give. When she was walking down the street in the shades, she was profilin' to the max. And when she was all up in that purple jumpsuit on the rooftop, I was ready for her to come rescue me and wrap her body around my body.

"Try sleeping with a broken heart" is still an absolute jam, although the video made me hate it for a split second. The song deserved better. MUCH better.


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