Music video: Beyoncé featuring Lady Gaga - Video phone

No, no, no! What happened!? The way it was going down I thought this video was going to be EPIC. I was hearing word of some killer routine that Lady Gaga took three days to rehearse, more than two dancers behind Beyoncé and some super high fashion. But all we got was the "Check on it" video with less pink, no swinging pocket watches and more outfit changes. Beyoncé looked hot. And she looked HAWT to DEATH when had her hair slicked back in the ponytail with the long fringe covering her eye. Lady Gaga disappointed me in this video just as she did in the song. It wasn't that she was tamed and kept in check, as I think it was rather nice seeing Gaga stripped down and that it was gracious of her. The problem was that there weren't enough scenes with B and Gaga - which is a shame given how great they looked together. The dance routine was way too short. Lady Gaga can dance. So I don't get why we got such a short and watered down routine, and don't believe for a second it took 3 days to rehearse.

Overall the video was pretty whack. The scene of Beyoncé dancing with the camera head dudes was pretty awesome. I loved that whole setup, and I think that it should have been prominent throughout the video and played with a little. But Beyoncé and Hype chose to opt for focusing on toy guns and bad weave changes instead.

I done already said before that she should have done the "Video phone" video them dancers shot for her. It would have been much better. And n***a's in that video were already on that middle ground between B fashion and Gaga fashion too.


  1. I hated this video! Especially when it comes on at 2 in the morning and makes my eyes hurt with all of it's seizure inducing shuttering and flashing.

    It could have been so much better obviously, but it ended up being whack, looking cheap, and GaGa looked out of place to me. The only good thing about it was Beyonce in that two piece with that pony tail. Goood LAWD!

  2. This shit was whack. Horribly disappointing. I'll agree; the scene with the guys with cameras for heads was intriguing. Aside from that, the entire video was rubbish save for the scenes with GaGa. Needless to say, that's a problem. This is fucking Beyonce we're talking about here. How the hell does she give this new chick exposure to her fan base and have her be the only thing interesting about the video?

    This is what I can't stand about Beyonce and this is why all her fans make me sick. Yeah, she's a capable singer and she can swivel them thighs, but the bitch is terribly uncreative. There is nothing original about anything she does. Frankly, I think it's a mistake she collaborated with GaGa. It just makes her faults that much more apparent.


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