Music video: BoA - Mamoritai ~White wishes~

BoA looks the best she's looked in a good long while. The video was pretty plain, but the simplicity of it was what made it work, and I rather liked it. It was a damn sight better than the music videos for "Eat you up" and "Energetic".

With Japanese ballads like this one, there are only so many videos you're going to get really. Which include...
  • A girl walking through a city in snow in slow motion looking emotional.
  • A music video with a story line and actors taking centre stage.
  • A girl walking through forests, fields, grass and shit. Possibly with a horse making an appearance towards the end.
  • A girl sat in her apartment looking at photos.
  • Or a lazy video with nothing but footage of the product the song is tied to, which in this case is the Wii RPG game Tales of graces.
So far BoA's released 2 Japanese songs and music videos that I've not hated. Could she actually be on her way to dropping an album that I don't think sucks balls!? I won't speak too soon. But I am genuinely looking forward to her forthcoming album. No definite release date yet, but it'll be dropping in 2010. We know how BoA rolls: it's an album a year with this chick.

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