Music video: Britney Spears - 3

A year long tour and still no swagger improvement!? TV networks need to sack Wife swap and do Artist swap. Slap Britney with Janet or Ciara's dance rehearsal schedule so she can see how her arse ain't workin' hard enough and that her current shit is elementary in comparison. Britney's moves in this video barely constitute as moves. All she did was sway from side to side and flick her head. Bitch should've been GETTIN' it in this video. Doing the splits, 2 stepping, grinding in-between n***a's, and poppin' her p***y like she's try'na get a third child out.

Britney looked nice though. Well...her face did. Britney either needs to sack her stylist, or hire one - because her look in this video was beyond ragged. Her weave looked ratted out. When she lifted her hair up you could see the hair pieces sellotaped to the back of her head. And there was not ONE single shot in the video where her weave looked good. Even in the silhouette shots you could see how f**ked up her hair was. And why were her chewed down finger nails not manicured? And would it have hurt to have slapped some accessories on a chick? A necklace, a ring, a fingerless glove - something!

This video was whack. It was like "Gimme more" with less sleaze and better lighting. "3" is a hot song. I think it's one of Britney's best singles since "Gimme more" and the video deserved more from Britney than what she gave it. The concept was weak and was a bit too much like Ciara's "Love Sex Magic". But the problem with this video wasn't the concept - it was Britney's lack of swagger. She has none. Killer choreography and a better weave would have saved this video.

I don't know why I still bother. But I stay hoping Britney finds her way back to her prime swag. Britney can still sell out a tour and go number 1 with her songs and music videos without the effort, so why start now?


  1. i'm really disappointed with this video. there's no close up of her face on the pole and dancing scene. i think the problem is that she wears heels when dancing but in rehearsals she dances well with ordinary shoes. and second because she constantly carry her boys around which is really affecting her bone structure. she's so bulky and muscular now that i don't think she'll be able to dance like she used to by now. she needs to rehire wade robson.

  2. I don't even think I've heard this song yet. What does that say about me?

  3. yeah im dissapointed with the vid too! i gotta be fair that "3" is a bangin tune and ive got down to it in the clubs but from the promo shots i was expecting some hot shit!
    i mean yeah her face looked good but the clothes just didnt suit her :P she has a more muscular figure than she used to which is still hot but she needs to dress for her shape (e.g pink!) and im still baffled about why her hair is always so shit lmao did she buy those fucked up weaves in bulk when she was crazy?!?
    at the end of thye day i still love britney and her music but i hope for the next album she sorts her weave, her moves and her clothes and ditches the autotune because its gettin old now, i want some tunes with her propper voice like my prerogative or everytime :P i still luv her though! :P

  4. I'm convinced Britney's kids put that shit in her head for her. I can't believe the director kept so many of those shots in! You can clearly see where the weaves have been put in Britney's hair with Play-doh, Pritt stick and sellotape.


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