Music video: Chris Brown - Crawl

A good song is a good song. And a good video is a good video. Chris 'Take you down' Brown is a woman beating n***a. But his shit is on point with "Crawl". I can't take that away from him. The dancing at the end was a little unexpected (I'm not sure why I found it so, after all: this is a Chris Brown video) but it fit perfectly. The dude can DANCE! Chris has always given nods and straight up Japanese bows to the floor to Michael Jackson in all of his videos, and this was no exception. He struck a fair few MJJ poses, but he pulled off enough of those 'uniquely Chris' moves that allowed him to be set apart and show he really is in his own lane with the dancing. At the 3:30 mark I did worry though. I thought Chris was raising his hand to slap that little kid all up on the side walk. I seriously was about to hop on the blower and call Childline.

I see Cassie be putting her mouth to uses other than singing to get another gig in a music video. I won't go and say that Cassie was symbolism in the video for Rihanna, seeing as both bitches can't sing, f**ked their boss to get a record deal and should be models instead of 'singers' because styling and profiling correctly is all they good at - because Rihanna has managed to bring some credibility to the table and is now in a whole different league to Cassie. She done had her beat by managing to drop a second album.

Although Chris is lamenting about crawling back to love and finding himself again, I hope he don't go forgetting how me made home girl crawl to a police station and a hospital.


  1. It's a really nice video. But gah damn, that hair on Cassie! Bald headed on one side, and full and fresh on the other? Why?!

    I really liked this though.


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