Music video: f(x) - Chu~♥

I can't stand the song. But the video was alright...I guess. Even if it did look like it was filmed on the same set as both "Chocolate love" and 4 minute's "What a girl wants".

The styling of the f(x) girls' was the worst I've seen it. To have them go from pretty regular in "La cha ta", to super sex kittens in "Chocolate love", to trick or treat looking messes in this video - it's odd. I guess the f(x) girls are one of many K-Pop girl groups who have fallen victim to their stylists not being able to settle on a style and try to hone it. When are stylists in the K-Pop game going to realize that throwing girls in any old colourful clobber, a baseball cap and hi-top trainers does not equals cool.


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