Music video: Namie Amuro - The meaning of us

This song is a complete switch of pace for Namie. It's been a good few albums since she dropped a really nice ballad. Fans are already over joyed that Namie has finally done the long awaited deed, and that includes me. I love the song. Namie doesn't have the strongest voice, but her vocals sound really pretty on this song - especially on the hook.

The video was boring. It was like "Girls talk" without the dancing. And it was so damn clich├ęd for a song like "The meaning of us". But Namie was looking real nice. She just seems to get hotter with age. I would have done things to her on that bed and in that shower if I was on the set of the music video.

It's a shame Namie didn't drop a video for "Copy that", because the song is insane! Namie could have shot such a fun, colourful video for the song, and gone to town with the choreography.


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