Music video: Rihanna - Russian roulette

This isn't the kind of video I found so compelling that I'd watch it ovr and over. And I couldn't help but be reminded of Beyonce's "Ring the alarm" video. But it served it's purpose and captured the feel of the song perfectly. I loved the scene of the Forehead underwater as bullets fly past her. For me, that scene made the video because of how visually striking it was.

The Forehead sho' is looks amazing. I can't stand the Road runner hair style. But there's no denying this chicks' style and how hot she looks. Her style has helped define her rather significantly over the past couple of years, and she's come a long way visually.


  1. tbh the song has grown on me a bit but its still nowhere near as good as her old stuff . . .
    her image is annoying to me, shes like some wannabe bondage fien these days, she looked the best in the maroon 5 video . . .


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