Music video: Rihanna - Wait your turn

Boring. Both the song and the video.

The song has potential, but it feels lacking and incomplete as it is. Plus, The Forehead's vocals are annoying. The way she elongates every damn word on the verse and then tries to turn on the island swagger just irks. I loved it on "Lemme get that" and "Sell me candy". But I hate it here. And ain't no chance of it being sorted or tightened now though. Oh well! The song could have done with a rap too. She should have asked Jay-Z or Kanye West to return the favour.

The video was nothing special. The Forehead looked cool, but I wouldn't say she looked particularly hot. She reminded me of Mary J. Blige back in the What's the 411? days. And Mary was NOT looking hot back in then. I'm not feeling the Road runner hair style neither. The Forehead looked much hotter in the "Run this town" video. MUCH hotter.

Def Jam are not playin' with this girls' promotion at ALL! "Wait your turn" isn't even a single, yet it's gotten itself a video ahead of "Russian roulette". Mariah Carey must be seething at how Def Jam f**ked up her shit, but are pulling out many a stop for Rihanna.


  1. Yeah, boring and the song doesn't go anywhere, but still I like the strong image she projects. And the makeup is hot.


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