Music video: Shakira featuring Lil' Wayne - Give it up to me

Compared to the spectacles of Shakira's "She Wolf" and "Did it again" music videos - this is really crap. The special effects looked really bad, and Shakira was looking like she had some kind of terminal disease during her scenes with Lil' Wayne. She looked so drained.

The video should have centred around the dance routine, because it was the hottest aspect of the video. Watching Shakira work it out with a bunch of black chicks made for some cool viewing. It was nice seeing Shakira actually work some steps, because she often just works her waist like she's just winging it. Not that her doing that was a problem. Far from it! It was just nice to see Shakira switch it up, just as she has done her music.

It's a bit of a shame that this song was such an eleventh hour addition to her She Wolf album and therefore isn't on worldwide editions of it, because "Give it up to me" is a solid offering from Timbo and it would have sat nice and snug inbetween the straight up fire that Pharrell Williams gave her. I also think it's a shame this song has been rolled out so soon after "Did it again", because that right there was and still is an amazing song that deserves more of a chance to go the distance as a single.


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