Music video: Yamashita Tomohisa - Loveless

This guy needs to stick to acting. It's clearly his forte. I like Yamashita in J-drama's, because the guy is a really good J-drama actor. I loved him in Nobuta wo produce and he was great in Kurosagi. But as an artist (and I use the term loosely) I just can't take him, because his singing voice is so crusty and lifeless, and he's not much of a dancer neither.

"Loveless" is not a song I'm keen on. The music is nice, but Yamashita's vocals turn the whole thing sour. And the video was boring to watch. Watching him walk around New York, sit in a cab and wait in a subway station wearing what looked like white Ugg's was not interesting. I'm sure the fan girls loved it though. I'm surprised he managed to keep his shirt on. Dude whips it off every episode in Buzzer beat.


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