The REAL The element of freedom album cover

The REAL 'The element of freedom' album cover
So, that nasty shit I posted before was not the official album cover. This is. I bet that nasty shit really was the album cover; but Alicia got Twittered at on how rubbish it looks, and therefore decided to change it. Because the concepts are similar, as is font for the album title.

I like this new shizzle though! It's not great. But it's not crap. It's just nice. It encapsulates the album title nicely and Alicia looks sexy and exotic.

Alicia's second single from The element of freedom continues to get serious plays outta me. I love the song to pieces. It's not unanimously a fave with everybody just yet. But I couldn't care less what other suckers think. I love the song like crazy.


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